Big Data and M2M to make your summer better

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Are you ever worried at the beach that you might become distracted and lose sight of your children? Nivea has thought of a fantastic way for parents to be at ease while at the beach.

Have a look:

This fabulous ad by Nivea spurred us to write today about the impact Big Data and M2M technology can have on wellbeing and solving real problems families have when they spend more time together, for example, in summer.

Extending on the idea of having children completely under control even when they are teenagers is now possible thanks to an app called MamaBear.

MamaBear is installed as an app on our children’s smartphone turning it into a wearable with tracking and behavioural data being constantly streamed to the parent-side app. It is fully customizable and promises utopic “worry-free parenting”.

Basically it turns children’s smartphones into transmitters that forward positioning information, social media friending and some advanced options like forbidden places to be at, speed limit (if the teenager is a driver) or use of offensive language and bullying prevention.

The parents’ phones work as information collection hubs providing them with alerts if they request for help, leave school early or go to a place that was marked off limits.

These two are not the only family tracking devices but MamaBear is one of the most complete ones we have come across.

Another totally unrelated, yet equally interesting, application is Spanish created App FotoSkin ( developed with the assistance of ISDIN Laboratories.

FotoSkin is a fully featured suite of tools we have available to know how to categorize our skin colour, get information on weather conditions, sunshine, skin protection factor required and what we think is the biggest advance: a skin sunspot tracker.

The tracker is designed to store a comprehensive record of our sunspots and keep tabs on whether they grow, change colour or show any symptoms that would require an immediate visit to our dermatologist.

FotoSkin also has a complete knowledge base where information about everything related to skin health can be looked browsed and looked up.

M2M ties in with Big Data to offer modern patients the opportunity to become acting parts and not just waiting patients. An example of the patient proactiveness this app promotes, is the alert system to follow up on sunspots or schedule the next appointment with our dermatologist.

Finally in this shortlist of summer must-haves we can mention the WalkSafe app. WalkSafe is a pedestrian safety app.

Walking and talking on the phone can be a hazard. But WalkSafe alerts the user of oncoming cars using rear camera images captured with algorithms to detect if these cars are heading towards the pedestrian and alerts with a loud alarm sound and vibration.

While WalkSafe does not depend on M2M technology app per se, we wanted to finish with another idea that turn our smartphones into our best allies now that we spend longer hours outdoors.

M2M technology, the IoT and Big Data are the driving forces that push all these ideas beyond the limits of our imagination and produce solutions that improve our lives making them accessible from the screen of our phone.

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