Connecting machines to make a better world

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M2M is the new term prevailing in the telecommunications industry. Machine to machine solutions are not just a mere technological matter anymore. They appear in business projections, company profitability plans, urban growth and sustainability and ecology-related projects.

The way M2M solutions are starting to boost companies’ profitability and improving people’s quality of life is one of the main outcomes from counting on an increasingly robust, reliable built-in connectivity between devices and new value added services built on top of it.

Internet-connected televisions are becoming popular, e-book readers are now equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G technology; smart meters are becoming the standard for basic service management in many countries. We are experiencing the transformation from the Internet connecting people to the Internet connecting things, where millions of devices share data in an automated, transparent way. This translates into notable profits for companies, an important improvement of the services and of the final client’s quality of life.

M2M technology is the imminent next big thing in Telecommunications

At Telefónica, we know that consolidating all the information generated by these machines in an intelligent way is key to make the automation of the processes easier, to allow new businesses to emerge, to support new geographic expansions of existing businesses and to increase productivity; while drastically reducing costs and improving the experience of the client.

We also know that M2M technology can also contribute to build a sustainable, ecologic and more efficient world, like the one the citizens are demanding, and whose expectative the governments will have to address.

One of the most important reasons for the brilliant future of the M2M world lies precisely in the strong belief that connecting machines will allow us to become better human beings. M2M technology can contribute to the well-being of societies by improving the quality of life of individuals and communities.

For us at Telefónica, M2M is a great opportunity to play a major role in this transformation by becoming global leaders of this thriving, fascinating and dynamic industry. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to work on it.

So, besides providing flexible, global solutions to M2M necessities, we also have created this space for sharing. We want to bring this new reality of a connected world to our millions of clients around the world. It is our vocation and the main purpose of Telefónica to improve the life or the people we care the most. And so, as part of this task, we believe it is of utmost importance to have a place to get the feedback from our customers.

In this blog, we hope to share our knowledge and experiences with clients, partners, suppliers and specialists, as well as this spirit of building the better world we want.

We trust this common knowledge will allow us to continue developing solutions and systems that improve the living quality of our cities, our life, our work and our spare time in them.

M2M technology gives us the chance of doing things better. Would you like to join us in our journey?

Carlos Morales
Global M2M, Cloud & Apps Director · Telefónica Digital

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