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Last week, Apple unveiled their latest product: the iPhone 5. According to many analysts and technology experts, the smartphone is going to beat by far the sales of the iPhone 4S launched last October. Back in 2007, the first iPhone was also a sound commercial success. It set the standards for smartphones, apps and revolutionized our interaction with mobile devices.

Nowadays, smartphones are tools used to a wide range of tasks and activities that were unthinkable prior to the first iPhone launch. Among these uses is the interaction with M2M technology, which may take advantage of the impressive sales of Apple’s star product.

This seems like the next logical step: smartphones are evolving from connecting users to the world and their contacts to allowing them to actively interact and affect their environments.

There are already some interesting apps that allow interactions with our home and our surroundings. For instance, apps such as MyStrom lets the users control the lightning, switch adapters and devices and measure the energy usage.

Smartphones are also perfect m-health devices for monitorization and control of health issues. We have already talked here about the connected baby diapers that send an alert to the parent’s smartphone when the diaper needs to be changed and the intelligent baby pyjamas to monitor the well being of the babies.

Having that kind of information presented in a device we are using constantly is a clear advantage. Companies are aware of the potential business in this kind of apps and may be one of the consumer electronics areas with more growth in the years to come.

The co-driver in your pocket

Our vehicles are also getting more and more connected to our smartphones over time. According to a report by Juniper Research, the integration of smartphones into private cars will soon become standard. The research firm forecasts that 92 million vehicles will feature technology to integrate the smartphone into the vehicle by 2016.

And the truth is that the iPhone has already several applications meant for drivers. From apps that indicate where’s the nearest gas station, to a complete trip analyzer that measures everything from fuel efficiency to average speed. And of course, there is the already familiar GPS solution.  No wonder car manufacturers are looking to better integrate smartphones, since they are such a powerful tools.

It seems very clear that the approach is to convey all the data in one device compatible with all the machines we have to interact. That seems to be the power of smart mobile devices to approach M2M. Time will tell how Apple’s iPhone 5 and the upcoming smartphones will meet the expectations.

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