Ferrán Adrià: “m2m is a revolution”

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A genuine interactive experience of m2m solutions. That was the axis in which the presentation of The m2m world of Telefónica event, which took place last Wednesday 20th june at Espacio Fundación Telefónica, was based on.

Three giant touchscreens presented the m2m solutions through an experience of interactive games. The user was able to take the role of a machine to manage Efficient Home and Fleet Management devices.

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Fuencisla Merino, Dánae Cortés, from the unit of Marketing and Communication Global M2M met them and invited them to get acquainted with the M2M technology of Telefónica.

In such an important day for us, we shared Espacio with the TEDxTelefónica conference cycle. Speakers explained, taking no more than 20 minutes each, the importance of innovation in all the aspects of life. We could not have asked for better companions.

Two of the most eagerly anticipated speakers, Ferrán Adrià, the most influential chef in the world; and DJ, producer and remixer Carlos Jean, took a closer look and experienced the m2m world of Telefónica first-hand. “This [m2m technology] can be applied to everything, it’s a revolution”, commented and enthused Adrià while he tried the home energy efficiency solution. 

The TEDxTelefónica audience did not want to miss the chance either, so they gathered around the giant touchscreens that welcomed them to the m2m experience. They enjoyed, got interested in M2M and we accomplished our objective: to demonstrate that m2m is not the future. It is a continuously growing present that, thanks to innovation, is transforming our world into a better world.

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