Five Amazing things made reality by M2M technology (3)

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To understand how M2M can improve people’s lives, sometimes is better to take some distance from business growth, implementation of standards and forecasts, and look into the smaller, but very ingenious solutions that can really make a difference. Here are another five amazing things made reality by M2M technology.

Are you one of those people that, despite having checked, aren’t really sure if they have left the over turned on or off before leaving home? Then you will find in the Belkin WeMo switch a very helpful tool. It is a switch that, after plugging it into an outlet, lets you turn things on and off using a smartphone app:

We know you might be very busy, but you shouldn’t forget to take good care of yourself. Are you sure you have been thorough enough brushing your teeth? If you’re not sure, the Beam Toothbrush is what you need. It tells you if you’re taking long enough to brush your teeth and let’s you track your results on your smartphone. It can also be used to share this data with your dentist, so you better be exhaustive:

Keeping a constant eye on some medical issues, like heart conditions is very important. In this matter, Whithins Heart Monitor is very helpful: it allows you to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure through you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Being a fireman is one of the most dangerous jobs. Many lives depend on the success of these professionals. And in order to be successful, their own well-being is the first thing to care about. With this in mind, Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (Australia) is starting equipping their firemen with pills to monitor vitals wirelessly.

Fire fighters are not the only public servants implementing M2M technology. Right now, the New York City Police Department is aiming to put GPS locators on pill bottles to fight the increasing problem of drugstores and pharmacy robberies. This tactic aims to track the robbers via GPS to catch them, in a very similar way as bait money works to catch bank robbers.

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