Five amazing things made reality by M2M technology (7)

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In our new installment of ‘Five Amazing Things made reality by M2M technology’ we bring another five some of close to incredible M2M inventions for you to enjoy.

Before we start we want to look back at a wearable device we mentioned in a previous post of this series. The Lumo Lift, an evolution of the Lumo Back we spoke about in that post, was recently awarded Best Wearable Technology product at CES 2014.

As you can see you can rely on us to point out not only what’s trendy but what is truly groundbreaking in M2M technology.

Dog wearables

Voyce is a collar for man’s best friend that bridges the communication gap between dogs, and their loving owners. Through three distinct functions Discover, Learn, and Share, it gives unprecedented insight into a dog’s health and wellbeing, as well as information and tools. The device allows tracking trends, checking health or setting goals in training or weight loss.

The health of tomorrow, today

RP-VITA is a joint effort between two health industry leaders, iRobot and InTouch Health. The robot combines the latest in autonomous navigation and mobility technologies developed by iRobot with telemedicine and electronic health record integration developed by InTouch Health.

RP-VITA allows remote doctor-to-patient consults, ensuring that the physician is in the right place at the right time and has access to the necessary clinical information to take immediate action. The doctor can visit the patient through an iPad interface, and communicate with hospital staff and patients.

Sleep like a baby again

Withings Aura, awarded at CES 2014 for innovation in design and Engineering is a two-part sleep-tracking system. It uses a pad, which goes under your pillow or mattress, and a device to be kept next to bed. The Aura looks like a regular alarm clock.  The pad under the pillow or mattress provides an array of different information such as breathing rhythm, heart rate and movements.

The bed surroundings are also automatically scanned for disturbances that may prevent you from resting. The information collected by the Aura allows for analysis record tracking. It can assist in falling asleep or waking up through different combinations of light and sound.

The loving mother reinvented

We can’t think of many M2M solutions that have raised so many eyebrows in surprise as the French designed Sense Mother, as they define it, “the mother reinvented”. To back up such a huge claim their device promises to look after the family through a set of sensors and a smiley hub that will boost the mother hen (or control freak) inside you.

Sense claims the Mother, which received the CES 2014 Innovation Award, is designed to provide you the information (both good and bad) to make your life “serene, healthy and pleasurable”.

From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Babies

The Mimo Baby from Rest Devices is an M2M wearable for babies. It is a washable baby kimono with a turtle shaped detachable sensor powered by a duo-core Intel Edison chip. It controls the breathing system, body position, activity level and skin temperature of the baby. Parents can monitor this information from their phones.

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