How to feed fish with a simple M2M solution

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Jose owns two fish. He loves them, but he also loves travelling, which makes feeding his fish challenging when he is away. The common solution for this kind of ‘issue’ would have been taking the fish bowl to any of Jose’s relatives, but that was not an option for an engineer that loves technology and its usage to improve people’s life. There had to be a solution for this and the solution was an M2M service!

After trying different options and mechanisms, Jose had the brilliant idea of building an automatic technological device to feed the fish remotely. The main challenge was to actually make sure that the tool feeds his fish the exact number of times a day.

And suddenly he found the way! He developed a technology based on Arduino, a GPRS shield and a servo. The Arduino GPRS/GSM Shield is a physical add-on to Arduino that comes with a library to send/receive SMSs and voice calls, but also to establish TCP communication over the broadly spread GPRS network. The mechanism was pretty simple, but useful. Jose sends an SMS to the Arduino device and the machine moves to feed the fish. His fish were pretty surprised at the beginning but after a few minutes, they decided to taste the food and eat with this new invention.

The m2m technology is not something coming from the future or of exclusive use for the big companies. M2M services or solutions like this make people’s life easier. So please take a look to this video where Jose’s fish eat while he is on the beach!

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