M2M on the Olympics: for runners and watchers

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With the ongoing celebration of the London Olympic Games, we wanted to highlight some of these stories of how M2M is used in this scenario.

or instance, have you ever wondered how the starter pistols used in races work? Just gripping the chronometer in one hand and the pistol in the other and try to do it at the same time just doesn’t work anymore.

Modern starter pistols are connected to the timing system and a series of systems that range from stadium displays to pressure pads in the starting positions. These pressure pads are connected to the pistol in order to avoid false starts: if the athlete starts running before or under 100 milliseconds after the gunshot, it is marked as a false start.

By making all the process through M2M, the human error is eliminated, giving precise time measurement in a moment in which a fraction of a second can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

But there are also M2M innovations aimed to the public. M2M mobile network specialist Stream Networks recently announced a solution aimed not to the ones who run, but to the ones who watch. Since not everybody will be able to watch the games on site, Stream Networks will enable live broadcasts by selected media over the mobile phone networks.

The solution will use 3G connectivity to allow News Limited, CTV, and other media outlets to transmit live video from London to the whole world. A single reporter will be able to broadcasts an event or the daily life of the Olympic London without the cost or complexity of satellite and microwave trucks, just with a device equipped with a SIM card

On the other hand, companies are also benefiting by the promotion potential of the games.  Visa, together with USA Technologies (USAT), a leader of wireless, payment and M2M telemetry solutions announced back in June an action aimed to promote Visa's London 2012 Olympic Games Trip for Life Sweepstakes program.

Under this program, consumers who use their Visa card at any self-service machines connected to USA Technologies' ePort Connect network through August 31, 2012 are automatically entered in a contest to win tickets for all the summer sporting events at every Olympic Games beginning in 2016, for the rest of their lives.

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