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One of the main concerns of industrialization and technological advance is the burden of living in a global economy in which petrol is essential. The downside of this advance is coming at the cost of the ecological balance of our planet, being the emissions of CO2 one, if not the most distressing and immediate problem.

According to information released by the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, on August 26th, the Arctic sea ice cover melted to its lowest extent, 4.10 million square kilometers, breaking the previous record low observed in 2007 of 4.17 million square kilometers.

Companies are aware of this situation and are looking for technological solutions to improve their business while being sustainable. A way to approach the issue is being more efficient, something that M2M is very good at.

Several studies have researched the potential of M2M to reduce CO2 emissions. It is estimated that the use of M2M solutions aimed to improve driving behavior can save up to 20% in fuel consumption.

According to data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), each American driver travels about 20.000 kilometers a year, which means liberating approximately 5.48 mts of CO2 into the atmosphere. A 20% reduction in fuel consumption would mean over one kilogram less CO2 in our atmosphere per driver.

Being more efficient

According to a survey by GreenRoad, 71% of fleets in the U.S.A. are significantly impacted by fuel cost increases, since fuel costs represent 26 to 75 percent of total costs for more than 61 percent of all fleets.

Telefónica’s approach to this problem is an M2M transport solution based on the driver’s performance: Telefónica Fleet Management aims to improve the driver’s behavior, avoiding things like rapid acceleration, speeding and harsh braking.

Driver behavior impacts fuel consumption, hence contributing to higher fuel emissions. Being a better driver translates into a more efficient use of the fuel, which translates in fewer emissions.

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