Smart City: a trendy sector in Spain

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Recently, Fundación Dintel has recognized the SmartSantander project during the Congreso DINTEL sobre SMART CITIES as one of the best initiatives of smart cities in Spain.

The project pursues the implementation of smart technology in the Spanish city of Santander, as one of the best Smart City projects of this year.  Telefónica is proud to participate in projects like SmartSantander and others in municipalities showing interest in transforming itself with the latest technologies.

This recognition is a reflection of how Spanish local public administrations are realizing that Smart technology is a perfect vehicle to enhance not only the quality of life of citizens, but also the efficiency of the city councils when it comes to administrative and governance tasks. In Spain, there are several examples of Smart City projects.

Sabadell was the last city with which Telefónica stroke a deal to transform the place into a Smart City. The agreement includes the implementation of an optic fiber network and 4G.

But there are many other Smart City projects underway in Spain, such as the one being developed in the southern city of Málaga. This initiative is centered on energy efficiency, including real-time management systems for the power demand, automation of power grids and electric vehicle charging points among other areas of work.

The ongoing project in Alcalá de Henares is also a very popular one. The residents of this town will benefit from technologies like open data, cloud, mobile payment, digital administration services and the power of the Internet of Things. A similar Project is underway in the town of Boadilla del Monte.

And the list goes on. This increase in the interest on smart cities in Spain is also reflected in the growing number of conferences and Smart City-related events celebrated in Spanish ground. Probably the most famous is the Smart City Expo & World Congress, a world class event that takes place in Barcelona.

The Expo serves not only as a showcase for the local public administration to determine which would be the best company to fit their aspirations of transforming their municipalities in smart cities, but also as a place to know what projects are running in other countries and exchange ideas.

Of course, there are also events of national scope, such as the aforementioned Congreso DINTEL sobre SMART CITIES and the upcoming I Expoconferencia Ibérica de Smart Cities. The event will be celebrated in Badajoz the days 10th and 11th of July and will revolve around the application of Smart City technologies to medium-size and rural spaces.

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