Smart Homes: solutions tailored to the needs of the customer

Published by Marco A. Romero Utilities & Sustainability

During the last couple of months, we’ve been noticing a hike in the discussion around Smart Homes, or Digital Homes. New players, from global telco players, to apps companies are jumping into the bandwagon.

What about the customers? The end customer, who at the end of the day, pays for the service has an interesting view of what a “smart home” should do. Recently, Telefonica UK (O2) worked with the renowned site Mumsnet where busy families interact. Through this two-way communication, there were some interesting findings about what families and homeowners define as their needs around a Smart Home. Some of the key ones were:

  • Saving time
  • Family security and safety
  • Saving money, especially around energy consumption


Interestingly enough, some of the late M2M trends, have covered these needs, tackling also one of the main concerns of the end user: lack of compatibility as well as affordability of these types of services. So, in conclusion, a service that can deliver smart technologies that saves time, energy, and money will be the winners.

Telefonica has recently launched a range of Smart Home services that covers many of these points. A friendly way to show what a difference could these services deliver, our creative team came up with an interactive game that brings to life what M2M and Smart Homes are all about.

Marco A. Romero
Global Head Product Marketing M2M Sustainability · Telefónica Digital

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