Telefónica takes part in the deployment of the Smart metering UK program

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More than 30 million homes in the UK will start to be ‘smart’ thanks to the smart meter implementation program awarded by the Government. Telefónica is one of the companies that will be part of the deployment of this solution which will contribute to save energy and money to both consumers and companies.

Smart meters will form the essential foundations for a revolution in energy consumption and management. They are the modern day infrastructure equivalent of building railways. They pave the way for the smart homes, grids and cities of the future.

In the United Kingdom, a cut in energy bills for end users of £6 billion in 20 years is estimated, which is a total of 11,5£ per household per year. They represent 26% of the UK’s total energy use, which will reduce carbon emissions due to the fact that the overall electricity demand will be reduced by up to 5% annually.

Furthermore, customers will have visibility and control over their energy usage leading to accurate and more predictable bills and cost savings. There will also be new opportunities for pre-paid energy payment or tailored tariffs, offering greater control of energy usage. However, the benefits of smart meters go beyond energy saving. They will open the door to a wide range of potential new services through the connected home: remote control of energy usage (turn heating on via your smartphone, remote control household appliances), service integrations such as electric cars and manage via mobile, renewable micro generation integration (i.e. solar panels), link in new eHealth services and connect via Home Area Network...

This will be possible thanks to the real time monitoring of energy consumption (gas and electricity) thanks to the data transmission via M2M communications. Here is the point where telcos as Telefónica will play a key role: more than 30 million SIM cards will be deployed by 2020. More than 7,000 people will work to make it possible, reaching a peak installation figure of 20.000 Comm Hubs each day.

Telefonica´s propietary Smart M2M platform will be the main system to support all m2m services provided by the operator like managed connectivity and device management. Furthermore, the company will be in charge of supply chain, security operations, service desks, event management and network planning and deployment.

Telefónica m2m Team

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