The Internet of Things, on its way to mainstream adoption

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It is no wonder that the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed from being a buzzword to becoming one of the most important technologic terms today. As the epitome of an M2M environment where every machine is connected and working together, this technology has improved both the life of the consumer and the profitability of the companies.

This is why companies of every sector are driving the mass adoption of the Internet of Things. According to a recent study published by Forrester Research, 15% of the companies are already using M2M technology in some areas of their activities. It doesn't stop here: 53% of those polled are planning on implementing it in the next 24 months and a 14% will do it in the following 2 to 5 years.

The study also shows that the transport industry is the one that uses this technology the most: 21% of th polled transport firms say they are already using it in their businesses, usually in the form of asset tracking and fleet management solutions to simplify logistics. Also, initiatives like eCall may explain why the transport sector is adopting M2M solutions massively.

When asked which issues will the organization address by implementing IoT solutions, more than half of the polled (56%) said it was “Supply chain visibility” problems. For those cases, Managed Connectivity solutions applied to production are key to achieve a better profitability and to be prevented of possible failures that can hinder it.

The study concludes that enterprises have a “positive perception” of the Internet of Things and that there is an “urgent intention” of exploiting this technology. “Many vendors and service providers are evolving their products and solutions to address emerging IoT opportunities and capture a share of this emerging market.”

Better for companies and for people

People also beneficiate from an IoT environment. Smart Homes and Smart Cities are one of the prime examples of connected machines with the purpose of improving the quality of life, but there are other areas, which this video by the European Union demonstrates.

The Internet of Things creates an ecosystem where information and data are fed constantly to personal devices, helping people in several ways: from improving the inhabitability of their homes to helping them reaching their workplace in time and, generally, taking care of all the small tasks so people can focus on more important things.

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