The Mobile Breakfast Series: How IoT pushes mobile technology into its golden age

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The Internet of Things will be the main topic for the next Mobile Breakfast Series to be held in London on June 17th. A panel of industry experts from Telefonica, BMW and Intel will gauge the opportunities and challenges that IoT has to offer.

After the previous successful Mobile Breakfast Series celebrated in Seattle, London is the next stop for the Series again.

Mobile Breakfast Series are now in their sixth year. Initially held in Seattle, the Series has expanded to meet its global vocation and in the past three years has been held in turns in Seattle, Atlanta and London. The Mobile Breakfast Series are an influential program of events where panels of experts deal with the hottest topics in the industry.

It has been two long and exciting years since the last Mobile Breakfast Series was held in London. Since then the winds of change have pushed Mobile Technology forward in a way hard to predict.

The Next Mobile Breakfast Series will have, as usual, an outstanding panel of industry experts:

  • Francisco Jariego, Director, Industrial Internet of Things, Telefonica
  • Raine Bergstrom, General Manager - IoT Services, Intel
  • Dominik Fromm, General Manager - Mobility Services, BMW

In this European follow up of the event held in March in Seattle on the same topic, the panel will delve on how IoT is further pushing mobile technology into its golden age.

One of the topics that is likely to be discussed are how the results are matching up with the expectations. The impact of how the IoT will reshape the world, as we know it has been forecasted in 50 billion connected devices by 2020 and an impact of $ 10-15 trillion on the GDP over the next 20 years.

It is also likely that M2M technology will receive a great deal of attention, as it is one of the main forces spurring the IoT.

There is a wealth of topics to tap into: the hype around wearables and how they are meeting expectations, smart cities, connected industry, M2M in Retail, Connected Cars, Managed Fleets, Security, etc.

An added value of the Mobile Breakfast Series is that there is always an extraordinary audience and many chances for productive networking.

Due to the extremely high profile of the audience and panel experts, the Mobile Breakfast Series partnered by Telefonica are a must for anyone who does not want to pass on the opportunity to listen to outstanding speakers and leaders in the mobile industry.

Telefónica m2m Team

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