The time to share our vision has come

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Almost two years ago, Telefónica decided to bring to fruition, with the creation of a global unit, what was in fact a demand from the market: the development of the global M2M business, independent from the markets where the company operates.

Since then, we have walked a long way, to the point of becoming one of the important players of the market, acknowledged by the most important analysts of the sector and with the purpose of becoming the referent in M2M solutions on a global scale.

In these two years, we have achieved important goals.

From a commercial perspective, we have signed a deal with OnStar, the subsidiary of General Motors responsible of one of the best Connected Car products. The company has relied on Telefónica to provide the M2M connectivity solution that enables it to deliver its product beyond its natural markets in North America.

We have established strategic alliances with China Unicom and Telecom Italia with the aim of expanding our footprint and improve our efficiency. We have created a partner ecosystem to allow us to provide our clients with the best end-to-end solutions, to cover all the value chain, from technical innovation to the provision of the service.

As an example of us doing things differently, we can mention a strategic agreement signed on the first quarter with Telit, one of the main communications modules manufacturer to offer its clients added value services, support and global M2M connectivity; services that were previously restricted to large companies because of a matter of volume.

This global approach, which allows us to generate great synergies, does not go in an opposite direction of local action. Telefónica, in all of its operations, responds to specific needs in different sectors, regions and types of client, developing specific value propositions.

Our product portfolio is developed according to two basic principles. Simplicity, that allows us to respond to our client’s needs without them having to deal with the technological complexity behind the solution; and Innovation, always looking for better solutions to cover the needs of our clients, with the aim of becoming their technological partner.

So, after all this way already walked, that is just the beginning, the time to share the vision of Telefónica in the M2M business has come.

Today, an excellent environment such as Espacio-Fundación Telefónica has been selected to experiment the benefits of M2M solutions and know what is the vision and approaches of the company for this business market. Discover what happens live at and live the m2m experience with us.

Welcome to the m2m World of Telefónica.

Welcome to a better world

Telefónica m2m Team

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