With eCall, m2m technology will save lives

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Starting in 2015, all the europeans will be able to enjoy the benefits of M2M technology designed to take care of us on the road. According to the report of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, passed last june 19th, every new car sold in the EU, will be required to have the eCall emergency system installed.

eCall consists in a group of sensors connected to a communication module that, in case of accident, sends automatically and without the affected drivers intervention, data concerning the vehicle and its geographical location to the Emergency Center 112, to allow the injured to be assisted as quickly as possible.

eCall is one of the Intelligent Transport Systems proposed. These systems integrate information technologies in vehicles and infrastructures to improve safety on the road, traffic management and the quality of life of drivers and passengers.

Wireless machine to machine technology is the key factor in eCall, as you can see in this video about the application of the Internet of Things to traffic. When some of the sensors installed in the car detect an accident, the device automatically sends an alert via GSM, the global communication system for cell phones, which is standard in Europe.

Once they have been alerted, emergency response teams and authorities can reach the place of the accident thanks to the coordinates sent by the integrated GPS. The SIM card of the GSM system facilitates the identification of the vehicle as well as the place and time of the accident.

The response time after the accident is estimated to be reduced to 50% in the countryside and 60% in urban areas, thus allowing a faster attention of the most critical injuries, saving lives.

According to data provided by the European Parlament, only 0,7% of the total of vehicles in the European Union is equipped with automated emergency systems. With the installation of eCall, the number of fatalities could be reduced a 10%. Thus, 2.500 lives could be saved in a year, as the following video explains:

Due to the importance and reach of the implementation of eCall, Europes Information Society website devotes a special section to it, which includes not only the reports and official dispositions, but also studies and research, divulgative videos and even a Facebook page that posts the latest news on this European initiative.

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