Technology as a means of protection for our cultural heritage

22 Apr 2015 Published by Félix Hernández de Rojas

Cultural Heritage can now be managed thanks to a new technological solution called Smart Heritage provided by Telefónica and Fundación Santa María la Real. Read more

Law and the Legal Internet of Things

15 Apr 2015 Published by Telefónica m2m Team

Emerging technologies like m2m and the IoT are usually constrained by existing legislations and regulations that somewhat delay or limit the full potential of disruptive technology. Read more

Top-down m2m management with Smart m2m solution

09 Apr 2015 Published by Telefónica m2m Team

Smart m2m is a managed connectivity platform with a single point of administration for all m2m devices.Read more

Five Amazing Things made reality by M2M technology (10)

07 Apr 2015 Published by Telefónica m2m Team

We reach our tenth compilation of five incredible m2m and IoT devices that inspire the same awe (and crave) than the rest we have collected so far in previous instalments.Read more

Wearables will eventually become invisible

01 Apr 2015 Published by Telefónica m2m Team

Wearables are getting smaller and smaller as the market evolves. We look into this trend.Read more

The IoT Global Call, a unique opportunity for startups

26 Mar 2015 Published by Rosalía Simón

The 4YFN (4 Years, For Now) startup event celebrated during the Mobile World Congress saw the announcement of a global call by Telefónica OpenFuture, China Unicom y THTI aimed to attract and partner with up to 10 IoT startups.Read more

Connected Car. Driving the Automotive Industry towards a connected future

24 Mar 2015 Published by Telefónica m2m Team

Connected Car Industry Reports offer fascinating insights on levels of demand for connected cars, and what connected services drivers value the most. Drivers are especially interested in checking the performance and health of their vehicle in real time and from their own smartphone.Read more

Smart Parenting with m2m and the IoT

18 Mar 2015 Published by Telefónica m2m Team

Using Father’s Day as an inspirational source we look into the trends and solutions that the IoT and m2m has to offer to parenting. Read more

The impacts and benefits of telemetry in Industrial m2m processes

12 Mar 2015 Published by Pablo Sainz de los Terreros

What you need to know about current Industrial m2m solutions and the differences with traditional m2m solutions.Read more

Factory Microgrid, an energy efficient solution for industrial environments

10 Mar 2015 Published by Miguel Ángel Carrero

Factory Microgrid, a solution developed by Jofemar and CENER, improves energy efficiency of factories while reducing environmental impact.Read more