Discover m2m

Communications between things

Allowing online data gathering, remote control and process automation, M2M technology enables companies

to reduce costs and provide a better service, while improving the quality of life of people.



Here are some of the areas and industries

that are already benefiting and changing, thanks to m2m.



Managed Conectivity VerticalLine Transport

Managed connectivity


The intelligent connection and communication between all machines and devices, to improve corporate profitability and the quality of life of people.

Technology focused on achieving efficiency and safety in fleet management and asset tracking, as well as providing a more comfortable experience for drivers and passengers.

Utilities and Sustainability

VerticalLine  SmartCities2

Utilities and Sustainability

Smart Cities

Devices and technology aimed for the efficient management and sustainable consumption of energy, water and gas services.

More sustainable, more efficient, more comfortable, more interactive and safer. The city of the future is a smart city thanks to m2m solutions.