Managed Connectivity

Connecting devices for smart business

Intelligent connection and communication between all machines and devices is now possible.

Managed Connectivity lets you take control, automate and improve processes and expand your business

with security and cost predictability.






Being an integrated part of business critical solutions, Managed Connectivity supports and enhances

all strategic phases of the value chain, attending every business requirement.




For every need


Improve Current Business

Enable New Business

  • Increase productivity
      Automation and elimination of manual efforts
      Real time management avoiding pauses in production process
      Gaining insights through data analysis
  • Extend geographic scope
      Real time full control of remote devices
      Reliable connectivity regardless of the geographic environment
      Easier replication of processes and models
  • Reduce costs
      Logistics optimization by avoiding unnecessary trips
      Efficient planning of costs thanks to good information feedback
      Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Facilitate regulation compliance
      Easier implementation of emergency devices
      Compliance with the sectorial regulations
  • Facilitate geographical expansion
      Easier replicating of proven processes and models
      Reliable and remote monitoring and control
      Optimized and traceable logistics
  • Enable new business models
  • Improve the time to market