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Five amazing things made reality by M2M technology

Tuesday, 27 November 2012



M2M technology can make incredible things possible. We are already starting to make some first steps down this infinite path. But today there are available many solutions that seem like science fiction: smart diapers, doors, slippers, cows ‘texting’... Here we have selected five amazing things empowered by M2M.

Cows can text about its fertility. Farmers will able to be informed about all their animal’s activity, including when the cow is on heat and ready for insemination thanks to Heat Phone.


M2M art. The changing life and the complexity of space are represented in a work titled Capacities. It’s author, Stanza, has won the Share Prize 2012 thanks to a work made with M2M technology than monitorizes multiple changes in a city in real time.

Open Sesame! You don’t need keys if you have a smartphone. Some technology allows you to open your door with a smartphone, wherever you are. It can be very useful if you are not at home and the postman is coming or if you have people visiting: you won’t need to make a copy of your keys.

Smart slippers. The elderly are usually prone and vulnerable to injuries caused from falls. Smart Slippers analyze and transmit stability information for real-time risk assessment.


Smart diapers. The old fashioned methods of hearing a baby cry or using the sense of smell to know if it did its business are over. There are diapers with wet sensors that alert parents sending a message to their mobile phones when the little one needs to be changed.

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