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Redefining connectivity in consumer electronic devices

Wednesday, 05 December 2012

Consumer electronics


Consumer electronics is one of the most profitable technology markets and M2M is enabling new possibilities in this sector. We show here a picture on how machine-to-machine empowers consumer electronics.

How M2M connect consumer electronic devices

The main difference between M2M and traditional connectivity is in its management and the flexibility and ease of implementation of services adapted to the needs of each client. But, like any M2M solutions, it is not just about the connectivity. It’s about creating a channel for added value online services and content. In other words: it is about redefining connectivity.

A redefinition of connectivity

With new models that are being implemented right now. For instance, in the case of ebook readers, no matter what kind of connectivity you have (3G or wifi), you can download all the ebooks you want and you don’t have to pay anything for the connectivity, only the price of the content.

In the case of laptops and tablets, Telefónca is about to commercialize an app that allows buying 3G connection time bundles for tablets and laptops, no matter the OS. The user just needs a M2M SIM, the app and a credit card. There are some extra added value services to this solution, as well, such as freemium access to content, pre-charge of connectivity and connectivity share according to demand patterns.

These new connectivity models can be applied to virtually any device that connects to the Internet: gaming consoles, connected cameras, tablets…

New services enabled by M2M

One of the unique functionalities of M2M is the control and tracking of devices. Until this kind of services came to existence, manufacturers sold their devices and it was the user the one who had to register to allow the company to have some kind of contact with him. With M2M, the manufacturer has a direct channel with the user.

But of course, data itself is not worth anything. This is why other services we offer, like Data Collection, Analytics and Data Monetization add relevant value.

Telefónica’s solution

For the final user, the key benefit is simplicity. We bring them a confortable and efficient way of being connected 24/7, anywhere, without contracting a flat-rate tariff for each device.

In the case of companies of any size, our solution allows better cost control, efficiency and flexibility for all the employees that need mobility, whether it’s sporadic, frequent or permanent.

Ignacio Alonso
Global Head M2M Consumer Electronics - Telefonica Digital

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