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A new relationship way between pets and owners

Friday, 07 December 2012

Connected dogs


Lost pets soon will be a thing of the past. A GPS device is just necessary and appropriate software to know where it is anytime. Pet tracking is a technology already used by some companies that may represent the first steps of implementing M2M solutions for pets.

We can find a similar example of this use in Swifto, a New York company that offers a dog walking service that goes beyond the simple walk with the pet to the nearest park. Thanks to the application that they have already created, the owner can be informed of when the walk started, where it took place and even when and where it pooped through the walker announcement.

But communication between an intelligent dog collar and the application can still do more. Measuring if the dog has walked, if it has run enough or where it is (which will also prevent its loss) allows the owner to know more about the health of their pet. Companies like Snaptracs, Inc have created systems that show a graphic with dog activity, which can be related to its race and age to know if the pet has done enough exercise or if it needs more. It’s possible to see, at a glance, how long the dog have been resting, walking or running in a given period of time.


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The idea works thanks to a device attached to the pet's collar. The company assures that the battery charge can last up to 30 days. The signal and all the information emitted by the device can be checked through a website that will tell us where the pet is and what activities have been done

It is the advance of something that certainly will evolve faster: it will be possible to adapt a system to inform the owner when the dog barks, cries or eats thanks to other technology each once more surprising: the sound recognition. This use could be extended beyond the dog walk: the owner will be able to control what happens to their pet anytime. It can represent even a breakthrough in home safety: if the animal barks more than usual at home, it may be a warning that something wrong is happening.

The potential that M2M technology can provide in relation to pets may go so far as the imagination allows us, for example, an integrated camera and microphone that allows us to see and hear what is happening around our pet.

Telefónica m2m Team

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