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M2M helps Santa to deliver Christmas

Friday, 14 December 2012

M2M Santa Claus

Santa Claus receives more than six million letters annually, according to the Universal Postal Union. Such figures of petitions mean a huge volume of gifts to deliver. Santa and his worker magical elves at the Lapland workshop need to be sure that every gift is correctly delivered.  How could they do it?

They found the response in M2M technology with asset tracking capabilities. Now elves can visualize the exact localization of Santa Claus sled and receive data in real time of its load and gifts when they are delivered. This allows them to control the inventories in every moment.  

Elves implanted in Rudolph the reindeer a new red nose with full technical features:  A GPS device (Also compatible with GLONASS and Galileo) that transmits the sled position to the Lapland workshop. It also contains a M2M multiband module, able to connect with any mobile network in the world. Of course, the presence of the Telefonica network in more than 20 countries also contributes to the correct exchange of information during Santa’s trip.

M2M ensures deliveries in normal situations but Santa could meet threats while flying. This is why the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is getting ready to track Santa with its 24/7 capability to detect any atmospheric element in movement. Moreover, Air Forces from all over the World will escort Santa during the trip. They will protect Santa against the possibility of being intercepted by a flying Grinch that may want to steal Christmas.  

Thanks to all this effort and technology, gifts are tracked until they reach their destination, ensuring that the only untraceable asset –and the most precious one-, happiness, is delivered to every child.

Telefónica m2m Team

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