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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

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Before leaving behind 2012, the Telefónica m2m Team wants to make a ranking of the top posts of our first year. After much deliberation, we have made a selection of what we consider have been, for different reasons, our bests posts of 2012:

Five amazing things made reality by M2M technology

We are already familiar with the many benefits M2M can offer to society, but sometimes, to get a wider view of something, you must first look at the little things. That is why we chose a few local, yet very creative, clever and certainly amazing M2M solutions aimed to improve and simplify every day’s tasks and routines.

World Savings Day: six actual cases of M2M contribution to cost efficiency

It’s not hot news that the actual situation of the economy has made saving money one of the top (if not the top) priorities of companies. The six real case of success showed in this post shed some light into how investing in M2M is not risky, but a very valid way of cutting cost by improving efficiency.

Efficiently managed communications between things

Our post/infography by guest blogger Javier Montero was one of the most viralized contents of our blog. A design combining images and text like a text book and a very nicely written prose detailing the minutia of how machines communicate with each other proved to be a recipe for success.

With eCall, m2m technology will save lives

Among our Transport posts, this was by far the most read and successfully shared through social networks. It shows how interested the general public is in this kind of solutions, which is why it’s expected to be one of the sectors with more growth in the following years.

Smart Homes: solutions tailored to the needs of the customer

Marco Romero has guest-starred a few posts about utilities and sustainability. Certainly, this was one of the most successful thanks to a little trait included at the end: a game –featured for first time at our grand presentation–, in which the user can experience the benefits of being able to control the appliances of a smart home with a smartphone.

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