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A big year for M2M events

Friday, 04 January 2013

A big year for M2M events

Many industry experts and players agree that 2013 will be a big year for M2M, so it is expected that machine to machine events will thrive in the industrial and economic panorama. Some of the essential ones will take place during the next few weeks (you can be updated in our m2m events section).

The year starts with what undoubtedly is the biggest annual consumer electronics event, the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas, starting January 8, where the biggest players of this sector will present their products in a market in which competition rages at the highest levels. Since M2M consumer electronics devices are booming, it is expected to shine as it did in the 2012’s edition of the fair.

The first two months will be very important for the smart utilities and sustainability sector, with two significant events: the Smart Grid Summit at Berlin and the Smart Energy Summit at San Antonio (Texas).

Managed Connectivity will be one of the main focus in January’s M2M Evolution conference and most surely in February’s Mobile World Congress, the undisputed king of mobility events. Telefónica introduced many solutions and had a great coverage last year. We hope to repeat the success.

Fleet management and telematics will have it first big event in March. The Telematics for Fleet Management Europe conference is on its tenth birthday, and the issues that will be discussed range from the integration of telematics and corporate IT systems to establish new business models for fleet management and insurance telematics.

These are just some of the first quarter of 2013, so it looks like the power players of the M2M ecosystem are going to have a busy schedule.


Telefónica m2m Team

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