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New Year’s resolutions, enhanced with M2M

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New year resolutions m2m

With the beginning of 2013, you are probably hearing a lot of New Year’s resolutions coming from family and friends alike. But come a month or two, you might find out that some of their willpower can get a little shaky. However, M2M technology can be helpful to fulfill some of the New Year’s resolution.

Get in shape: Every year you make the same resolution. This time is not different, but at least, M2M technology can help you get fit. Steps, miles ran, heartbeats… You can track these parameters with devices such as Nike+iPod or Fitbit and then monitor them with your smartphone or tablet. Amazing features, but do not expect miracles: In the end, it’s up to your efforts.

Save money: This is the year of the real economic recovery, right? Maybe you heard the same thing the last year. Anyway, your domestic economy depends more on you than on external factors. Home energy efficiency systems can help you in this area.

These solutions generate a portfolio that combine 3 elements: a service that delivers visibility of energy consumption; a solution that helps customers save money on their monthly recurring energy bills; and finally, a tool that provides control from anywhere in the world around their premises.

Be tidier and well organized: If you are the kind of person that constantly forgets where you keep your stuff and are prone to lose you bags at the airport (the traveller’s worst fear), among the many solutions that you can benefit from is Trackdot. This device allows real-time monitoring of your luggage to give you some peace of mind when you travel.

Take care of your near and dear: M2M can do many amazing things, for instance, improving the way we take care of our loved ones. For grandma and grandpa, a pair of smart slippers will alert the caretakers if they fell by sending a message to their phones. If this year there’s a new baby, smart diapers will surely give the parents some peace of mind. There are even solutions that allow to monitor the location of your pets, so you never lose Rufus again!

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