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Connected ingenuity at CES 2013

Friday, 11 January 2013

M2M CES 2013


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) had the fair amount of media attention expected from any edition of Las Vegas’ convention.  While consumer electronics devices were the ones who shined, M2M and the Internet of things also shared some of this focus.

One of the big announcements in the field of M2M happened on day one (January the 8th): the formation of an Internet of Things consortium, a nonprofit organization with the mission of spurring cooperation between hardware, software, and service providers of IoT solutions.

Connected car solutions were also on the spotlight during Day 1. Big industry names like Toyota and Ford showcased their new technologies and the American brand also announced the future availability of an open source software development kit that will allow programmers to create apps.

Audi also introduced a solution that allows parking a car and picking the driver up with a tap on a smartphone of an app, which received a lot of buzz.

Day two brought some smart home and smart TV. International mass media, generally unfamiliar with M2M, made some focus on these solutions. Smart TVs were one of the main topics as well, with manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Panasonic introducing their products.

Many interesting proposals and prototypes for smartphones were presented on the third day, such as Samsung’s unbreakable, bendable phone and the YotaPhone, which features an e-ink display on the back. We expect many amazing proposals to come the fourth and final day as an icing for another edition full of ingenuity.

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