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Five Amazing things made reality by M2M technology (2)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

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If it exists, it can be connected! Our new chapter of amazing M2M things shows us the endless possibilities of this technology. It is able to broadcast your mood, make a warning if you eat too fast or if your children are opening Christmas presents before time.

The suitcase that follows you. With Hop you wont need to carry your luggage anymore. It has three sensors to identify signals form the mobile phone, calculate the distance from its owner and follow him thanks to its to special wheels.

Broadcast your mood. Affectiva has developed an application that recognizes the emotions of a person thanks to its facial expressions and is able to broadcast them. It is useful, for instance, to analyze the impact of a video: which parts make the viewer laugh, cry, be scared, surprised…

Control the speed you’re eating. Hapifork can monitor your eating behavior and help you to take healthier habits. How? It picks up and sends data on your eating speed to a device (PC, mobile, tablet…), which can be analyzed later with an app.

Plants that tell you what they need. Flower power is a device to install in your plants that analyze its needs (wet, temperature, fertilizer) and keep you informed about them in real time.

Christmas presents save from curious children. With a sensor hidden in the Christmas tree, it is possible to receive a SMS in your mobile phone if a kid is trying to pry on the Christmas gifts during the night. It’s an idea of, Steve Claiton, from Microsoft.

If you liked the ingenuity of the solutions featured in this post, here you can see another five amazing things made possible by M2M technology.

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