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A whole NFC world beyond cashless payment

Thursday, 31 January 2013

A whole NFC world beyond cashless payment

The NFC market is going to experience an intense growth during the following years, as some reports and studies say. Its application to mobile payments is leading the way, since it is the most attractive use for business. However, as with many amazing applications of M2M technology, the sky is the limit, meaning imagination and ingenuity are the only real boundaries.

The last CES served as perfect scenery to showcase new proposals for NFC uses by consumer electronics powerhouses. NFC speakers, NFC enabled TV’s to be controlled with the smartphone, household appliances… you name it.

There are also several projects oriented to apply NFC to gaming. We already talked about connected toys and the WiiU featuring NFC connectivity, but one interesting case is the one developed by Nokia Labs, who has applied connectivity to playing cards, in order to enhance the gaming experience.

Another approach is the one by australian start-up S_Digital, which has created a way to accelerate the process of ordering food and paying at restaurants. This is the goal of Brandtable, an NFC-tagged restaurant table.

NFC represents also a business opportunity for advertising agencies. Posters and billboards using this technology can easily pass information to the interested public, making easier for them the access to their products and services.

Something like this was done in the UK to promote the movie X-Men First Class: the campaign used posters equipped with an NFC chip that enabled consumers to access the film trailer on their devices.

Companies are realizing the true potential of NFC: a new, easier way of interactions and communication. It is just a matter of time for this technology to be mainstream.

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