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A fully connected Latin America

Friday, 08 February 2013

A fully connected Latin America

During the past two decades, mobile networks have spread across Latin America. Covering more than 90% of Latin America’s population, these networks have become one of the largest and most significant platforms in history, and are now bringing wireless connectivity to new devices, machines and vehicles, quickly effecting social and economic benefits.

Latin America is rapidly approaching an everything-connected reality. By 2020, there will be more than 1.9 billion connected devices in Latin America. Among these we can count connected vehicles, buildings, smart meters and healthcare and consumer electronic devices. Allowing all these devices to connect and share information with each other will give the region’s economy a dramatic boost, thanks to the spreading of new business models based on cost savings, more efficient production and service enhancements.

In a practical sense, the vision of the GSMA consists in a world in which constant and seamless connectivity makes people’s lives better and boosts businesses’ profitability.  This is what the GSMA calls the Connected Life.

Doubtlessly, the materialization of this vision will rely heavily on mobile networks. According to Machina Research, of the 1.9 billion connected devices in Latin America expected in 2020, almost 1.1 billion will be connected to mobile networks, including 380 million mobile connected devices in Brazil and more than 190 million in Mexico. By that year, the Connected Life will represent an annual opportunity of revenue of over USD 96.5 billion for mobile operators.

The GSMA also supports the development and deployment of mobile solutions in the healthcare, automotive, education, utilities and smart cities industries through its Connected Living programme, which is focused on encouraging the development of scalable solutions across these sectors.

The Connected Living programme also aims to help other industries benefit from key assets of the mobile industry: widespread connectivity, interoperability, roaming, customer care, billing and distribution capabilities, to name a few. This will accelerate the speed of deployment of the Connected Living services, which depends in large part on the costs involved and the broad economic ecosystem involved in delivering these services. 


Valter Wolf
Market Development Director at GSM Association

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