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From managing the connectivity to controlling the machines

Monday, 11 February 2013

From managing the connectivity to controlling the machines

Everyday more and more stuff around us is connected: tablets, computers and telephones, of course, but also homes, cars, appliances… one of the challenges is to grant control in our universe of millions of connected machines, our M2M universe.

Control allows us to listen to our machines, know their capabilities in detail, know when they have a problem and be able to interact with them; going far beyond the connectivity plane and giving the client the assurance that everything is going to work according to plan and, if it doesn’t, we will know in time and we will be ready to fix the problem.

The initiative we are working on starts at the beginning of 2012 with the idea of incorporating Telefónica’s Smart M2M platform new capabilities that enable offering new services to our M2M clients that simplify and grant control on their universe of machines.

Specifically, our work started with the selection of platform components for our DMM (Device Management and Monitoring) and I&M (Installation and Maintenance) services. The first one, DMM, allows us to know the capabilities and the state of our machines, in addition to establishing a remote management channel with multiple possibilities of automatic actuation upon them (software updates, remote configuration, activation/deactivation…). On the other hand, I&M takes care of the management of the machines’ life-cycle, thus completing the offer and achieving a level of total integration that allows the client to concentrate on what is really important for him: the services he is offering.

The necessities of our clients are varied: from management of millions of power, water and gas meters (to know if everything is active, if they are measuring the right way, if there is any incidence…), to a vaccine lab that needs to know in real time what is the temperature of their products to avoid wasting many years of research, if there happens to be any setback.

To achieve all this, we have a team shared between Madrid and Boecillo, everybody permanently aligned with the idea of the product we want to build and the means we have to do it. In Boecillo we focus on the Technical Product Management and the technical relationship with the providers of the platform components previously detailed, besides having sown the seed of the development team that has already started to integrate these new functions for being available on the customer dashboard of the Smart M2M of Telefónica.

The challenge from now on is to integrate the incipient development with the rest of the platform’s portal, so we gain speed and capacity to face the multiple functionalities that our clients demand, thus ensuring keeping the focus on the integrated solution we want Smart M2M to be.

For this we will get even more digital, using the various collaborative tools within our reach and, what is more important, frequently keeping a more direct contact to allow us to get aligned with the common idea of a product, one that all of us must have in mind at every decision we make or action we carry out. Without doubt, the great creative expressions we have experience during this year around a coffee table will be vital with this more global dimension we are about to have.

josemi 2
José Miguel Hernández Izquierdo
Product Development and Innovation at Telefónica Digital

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