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M2M at Mobile World Congress: a new member in the greatest Telco alliance and more

Monday, 25 February 2013

M2M at Mobile World Congress: a new member in the greatest Telco alliance and more

The incorporation of Etisalat to the greatest M2M alliance in the world and the single worldwide SIM card trials on connected management platform have been two of the principal news around M2M technology on the first day of Mobile World Congress. We have been keeping our eyes on these and other news revolving around the M2M industry..

We have started the event with this announcement and after having our first contact with Telefónica’s stand where, in addition to the SIM card trial, people were able to see demos of two other M2M solutions: Insurance Telematics (to be more specific: Pago Como Conduzco insurance policy) and Thinking Things.

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Ángel David Garcia Barrio, chairman of the Alliance, told us the importance of the M2M World Alliance, whose main feature is providing an unique service, no matter the country where the device is located, thanks to the greatest Telcos network in the world. He gave us the example of a car manufacturer that can incorporate to their vehicles a SIM card of any of the operators of the Alliance and doesn’t have to worry about the place where the cars will be purchased: the connectivity is guaranteed.

Car manufacturers are only one example of the industries that will benefit of this agreement: consumer electronics, eHealth, alarm companies or whichever business that provides a global service can be interested in this mundial solution.

We also had in our agenda a couple of interesting seminars. The first one, Taking Mobile Agriculture Innovation to Market, was about how technology can benefit agricultural production developing countries. Panelists have explained that they are currently in a previous step: the introduction of mobile phones and websites to improve the processes. M2M will come after this integration and overcoming some educational challenge: not all the farmers want to integrate technologies to their job, according to the GSMA.

The second seminar was Mobile: A Lifeline in Disasters. Ramon Isberto, Head of Public Affairs, Smart Communications Inc, assured that "when a technology proves to be helpful during a crisis, you don't have convince any institutions anymore about new investments”. Nevertheless, it was a pity that panelists didn’t focus more on what M2M technology can do in those situations.

In the next days of the MWC 2013 we’ll continue to report on everything M2M in our Twitter channel.

Telefónica m2m Team

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