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This Mobile World Congress has M2M flavour

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

This Mobile World Congress has M2M flavour

Somebody said on Twitter that every year there is a flavour at Mobile World Congress, and that this year “is the one of the Internet of things, also called M2M”. We agree. Of course smartphones, tablets and other devices have generated a great deal of expectation, but machine-to-machine technology has imbued many stands of the event, and it has aroused the curiosity of many visitors.

We have been able to confirm this in our stand, at hall 3. Our three M2M demos (Thinking Things, Insurance Telematics and the global M2M Alliance) captured the attention of most of the people that came to Telefónica’s space.

Moreover, many of the greatest companies in the event have brought their machine-to-machine solutions to present them to the world. Many of them are a consolidated reality. Other are just prototypes or first models of products that will spread over our lives in the following years.

We have been all the day touring around the eight halls of the Fira de Barcelona, keeping our eye in all the M2M innovations and we have discovered some very interesting ones, from a smart cane to guide the steps of old people, to a whole smart city solution brought by Libelium. There are only two examples of the possibilities of the Internet of Things, but it is also a good metaphor of this technology, able to develop small devices to improve daily life of people and complex systems to monitor and improves all the city processes.

Speaking about smart cities, we have received good news: Street Line, Telefónica’s partner, won the Best Mobile Innovation for ‘Smart Cities’ award at MWC. Telefónica and Streetline’s smart parking solution features vehicle detection sensors, networks, and real-time applications for cities and motorists.

The judges commented: “Smart parking is a good example of how new services are evolving for cities based on sensor technologies and mobile communications. This innovative application addresses a complex area and allows for interesting new business models”.

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