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The challenge of building the M2M business case

Thursday, 28 February 2013

The challenge of building the M2M business case

We have seen many devices and innovation around M2M technology in this Mobile World Congress but, what about business? Actually, there was a lot of M2M business talk.

According to Surya Mendonça, M2M Horizontal Solutions Director at Telefónica Digital, “machine-to-machine enables very different business models. The challenge is to build the business case, because there is no clear one”. He explained at the conference ‘Connected Living: Business Models in Service Delivery’ that the aim is to be able to understand the local consumer different needs and provide them more than the connectivity.

Mendoça gave an example of how M2M can cover final client expectations: the Insurance Telematic solution ‘Pago como conduzco’. “People can save up to 40% in their car policies, we have to put effort in providing as accurate solutions to people’s needs as this one”.

Furthermore, to provide with those solutions, simple and complete products are necessary. In this context, Telit and Telefónica signed an agreement is aimed to improve the future, creating a new product with SIM + Module + Connectivity integrated. Seamless interaction is solved, reducing complexity and providing a great end-customer experience.

On the other hand, today we have been visiting the other side of the MWC 2013, this one with “no PPT, no panels and no suits”, where developers work together in order to provide mobile app solutions. For them, the star of this edition was the announcement about Mozilla's Firefox OS open source mobile platform.

We wanted to know how M2M can benefit of this innovation. The Spanish developer Federico Guede explained us that, since the programmation of all the apps are in HTML5, a web based language, the same program can be used to control remotely a device from the smartphone and from the computer. It’s only necessary to make one developing phase.

With this topic, we have ended our tour at MWC 2013 after four intense days looking for M2M innovations and sharing the demos that Telefónica has brought here. If you couldn’t see them live, you can watch them in these three videos: Thinking Things, Global Alliance M2M SIM and Insurance telematics.

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