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Improving the use of energy to build a more efficient world

Tuesday, 05 March 2013

Improving the use of energy to build a more efficient world

Improvement of the processes, recycling, use of less polluting products, a sensible consumption, using only the energy that we really need. Today, the World Energy Efficiency Day, current and future techniques for energy generation and use are discussed in several fora globally.

Telefónica has several M2M solutions that aim to improve energy efficiency on multiple levels, which has earned the multinational a great reputation among the utilities and sustainability sector. Our portfolio combines three elements: 1) a service that delivers visibility of their energy consumption; 2) a solution that help customers save money on their monthly recurring energy bills; and finally, 3) a tool that provides control from anywhere in the world around their premises, whether they are homes, offices or buildings.

As Spanish economy newspaper El Mundo publishes today, “the solution aimed to the final customers is Home Energy Efficency Solution: a system that captures home power consumption data and incorporates them in a digital portal. Thus, the client can use a computer or a smartphone to turn on and off electric appliances, automate processes, program alerts when consumption is too high and even compare data to obtain an estimate on the next month’s bill”.

Telefónica, which is part of the Carbon Disclosure Project international reference index, has achieved important internal savings by applying its own solutions. The company has reduced its own energy spending a 20% since 2007, avoiding emissions of over 50.000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Translated into monetary savings, it is a spending cut of over 22 million euros. When commercialized to clients, Telefónica’s energy efficiency solutions can cut costs of up to 30% in power consumption.

“How did the company achieve this? The success is possible, among other factors, thanks to the company’s ‘energy managers’, which start around thirty new grid and building energy efficiency projects every year. The use of outdoors air streams and the remote measuring of the consumption are two of the most extended techniques”, recognizes El Mundo.

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