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Transforming existing buildings into sustainable ones with M2M

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Transforming existing buildings into sustainable ones with M2M

If a company wants to deploy green solutions, the first step is being green at home. In Chile, where energy is a scarce (and expensive) resource, we wanted to bring new efficiency solutions. We have started with our own main building in Santiago de Chile, where we are developing a product along with two partners to save up to 30% of electric power.

The solution is based on IGreen, a product by our Spanish partner Euroconsult. It allows to add efficiency solutions to already constructed buildings, a much more difficult task than implementing them during the construction.

It consists in a network of sensors along all the building that measure the consumption of air conditioning, central heating, light, energy in elevators... The aim is not only to know the electrical performance of the building, but also to be alerted when some device or system is wasting more than the usual amount of energy to take care of it.

Since we have to incorporate the system into a building that has already been put together, the hardest part of the process was the engineering project. From the beginning, all the works can take about four months. We hope to have the solution completely installed in July. When we have the product tested we want to install it in all our big office buildings in the country.

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It is very important for us to deploy this machine-to-machine solution in our headquarters in Santiago as a stepping stone towards launching a solution for the market in Chile and all Latin America. With this purpose, we also partner with Cam, the Latam reference company in energy services. They will help us operating in a market as complex as the energy sector is. We think that we have to work with the best to deliver the best and this three-part partnership is a good example of that. 

Claudio Sánchez Orellana
Head of Sales M2M Solutions at Telefónica Chile

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