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“Dell Netready is a very disruptive solution thanks to the technology provided by Telefónica”

Tuesday, 07 May 2013

“Dell Netready is a very disruptive solution thanks to the technology provided by Telefónica”


Telefónica and Dell have just announced Dell Netready, a pay-as-you-go connection activated out of the box that allows transparent roaming in Europe. We have talked with Ignacio Alonso, Global Head of M2M Consumer Electronics at Telefonica, to know more about this solution for Dell tablets and notebooks aimed at business. This is a first-in-class solution, which no other competitor has achieved, with connectivity out of the box and with no additional costs.


In this partnership with two of the greatest companies in their sectors, how does Telefónica contribute?

We contribute with the SIM, the technology and the solution behind the device. We can offer this global solution thanks to the international agreements of the Telefónica international network. We have combined this with Telefónica’s technology to bring a very disruptive product because we offer end-to-end connectivity. The client not only buys a device, but also an incorporated easy to use mobile connection.


What is the difference between this M2M connectivity that you offer and 3G?

The difference is that we adapt to the clients’ needs. The first advantage is the pay-as-you-go (available with credit card) connectivity. But there is more: the client is able to manage the connectivity and select some URLs or websites where the traffic is allowed or forbidden. We can sell a different connectivity through Dell, which is the company in charge of offering the products to big corporations for their business travelers. We can also control remotely every SIM to set up how many megas of connection they can offer according to the company’s needs and top up the connectivity whenever we want, when the device is bought or during its lifecycle.


Dell Netready is a European solution. Are you planning a global one?

Of course. It is European because we wanted to make our first move, but we are able to give global connection to all these SIM’s remotely. It is not a matter of technology: we will extend the connection to the USA and Latam very soon. But the client won’t have to worry about anything. All the connections can be managed from Telefónica.

Dell Netready is the second M2M consumer electronics solution by Telefónica after Nomad Connexion. What is new in Dell Netready?

It is a very similar product, but Dell’s solution is focused on companies while Nomad Connexion’s target is the general public. Since the first one runs on Android systems, this one is designed for Windows 7 and 8 to broaden our market share. 

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Ignacio Alonso
Global Head M2M Consumer Electronics - Telefonica Digital
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Telefónica M2M team

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