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Connected cars: vital for modern policing

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Police forces and emergency services strive to keep up in a digital world where social media, mobile applications and connected cars are key elements in maximizing their activities. The big shift towards the Internet of Things will improve modern policing as we know it.

In an interview with the Vice President of Telefónica Europe, Mike Short, he claimed that there will be a 10-fold growth rate in data by 2017. This exponential growth in data urges the police force and emergency services to prepare themselves for a digital switchover and make the most of this intelligence.

Short continues by revealing that we are already witnesses of how mobile devices can be used in aid of the police force and the public. Evidence can be gathered with camera phones or with mobile devices left at the crime scene.

Police forces must keep up with the digital change and become an integrated part of this digital world. He insists that the police take advantage of the consumers’ capability to help them, whether it’s reporting incidents or building up support groups.

Apps are not yet police or emergency-services-centered, but they will play a vital role in better policing alongside mobile internet in terms of social media. Having apps in the hands of the public eases the process of reporting to the police or giving evidence. Apps in the hands of the police also makes it easier for different police forces to share information.

As far as trends go, Short foresees the importance of connected cars for the police and other emergency services in a world where more and more machines are being connected with each other. For example, by 2015 eCall will be equipped in every new car. In case of a traffic accident, the car will automatically call the nearest emergency centre.

Gunshot detection is another interesting M2M technology which is being tested by The Chicago Police Department. It successfully identifies shots fired within seconds of the event, before it is even possible to make a 911 call. The M2M possibilities for police and emergency services are infinite.

Telefónica m2m Team

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