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Five Amazing things that M2M technology has made reality (4)

Tuesday, 04 June 2013

Five Amazing things that M2M technology has made reality (4)

When talking about M2M we usually forget that these technologies can also be used to connect people and help them with their day to day tasks. This is why our selection for the fourth post of the series “Five Amazing things that M2M technology has made reality” focuses on social uses of M2M and connected devices that help people at home.

The first one is aimed at kids or their parents, depending on how you look at it. A startup called MessagePetz, Inc has created a Wi-Fi-enabled teddy bear that allows parents to text their children and also notifies them when the bear receives a hug:

There’s no doubt that this next one has been created for adults. Durex has developed Fundawear, a  vibrating underwear that can be connected to a smartphone and activated remotely to stimulate the wearer:

So maybe you’re not good at keeping track of your diet or you never quite know what you actually have in your fridge... Then you should probably start letting the fridge take care of that! The Smart Fridge, presented at the Internet of Things Day 2013 in Trento does this and more. It can even lock your fridge during customized time slots to prevent you from raiding the fridge for midnight snacks!


The technologist Tom Coates is very active on Twitter, but do you know who else is also very active on this social network? His home in San Francisco! It tweets a lot of funny stuff that you can actually understand, and not the kind of sensor reading jibber-jabber you usually get from devices connected to the Internet.


Finally, If you have an hydroponic garden, you might find Bitponics very useful: it is an IoT hydroponics gardening manager which includes sensors to hook up to your hydroponic plants, an electronic device that connects to the cloud and a web app to manage all the information presented. This way, users receive helpful reminders when it's time to take care of their plants.

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