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Elevating M2M to a higher level

Thursday, 06 June 2013


You can hate elevators for many reasons. It takes a momentary dimming of the lights and an abrupt jolt to become overwhelmed with an odd anxiety which accompanies many of us when we get into one. However, could M2M technology possibly put an end to our aversion to them?

The moment you step into the confined space of an elevator you probably want to feel the reassurance that if anything were to happen you would be able to get out of there in the shortest possible time. Getting stuck in the lift needn’t be such a nightmare with the aid of machine to machine technology.

Lifts and escalators are used one billion times per day across Europe alone, so it comes as no surprise that safety and reliability are manufacturers’ and maintenance operators’ top priorities. All it takes is a sensor which operates around the clock to remotely monitor and collect information on the elevator.

Facts have it that 45% of all elevators in Europe are more than 20 years old which gives M2M an important role to play in the upgrade of existing systems. This smartened-up elevator would respond in real time to any failure you may have the misfortune of encountering, as well as sending an emergency warning and triggering an alarm.

As well as looking out for our safety, M2M-enabled elevators cut down on maintenance costs where technical alarms substitute for maintenance and routine personal testing of the emergency call system. Also, the possibility of integrating the maintenance and telecommunication in an all-in-on contract is extremely cost effective.

The European directive EN81-28 instructs all elevator manufacturers and operators to equip them with an emergency call and diagnostics system. This obviously requires voice and data connectivity which depend upon technical availability when using a fixed network communications infrastructure via cable. However, wireless communications fulfill legal requirements whilst reducing installation and connectivity costs.

Telefónica m2m Team

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