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Who is leading the Smart Home industry?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Smart Home World Summit


The main discussion of the previous Digital Home World Summit was when the opportunity would arrive for the industry. This year’s edition, which starts today, bases its discussion on rollouts, learnings, and who's leading on what is, in fact, a fully-launched segment.

This week London hosts the Digital Home World Summit event, and compared to previous years where the discussion was centred around when the opportunity would come, the 2013 iteration bases the discussion on rollouts, learnings, and who's leading on what is, in fact, a full launched segment.

For telcos and companies in this sector, what we are seeing is a massive opportunity, so much so that AT&T has recently declared that the Digital Home business will represent to them a USD$1 billion opportunity, and this is only in the US. If we extrapolate this figure to a global scale that adds up to a lot of zeroes!!

Another key fact is the declaration from Orange on Digital Home becoming the 5th player in their core offerings. Clearly, the market is on a full competitive rampage in order to achieve a leading position. This market has the potential to be as big as the full M2M market for telcos.

The strategy for Digital Home is based upon what the actual proposition is, as this area is big and includes several independent business services, including: peace of mind, security, automation, energy management, e-health and big data.

What this means for a global player is the decision to integrate all these apparently independent services into a comprehensive package that Consumers find attractive, and more importantly, that will solve day to day pain points such as: leaving water taps open, remotely unlocking doors and managing household temperatures to ensure a pleasant environment when one gets home.

This year's Digital Home summit will showcase global telcos, platform vendors and hardware companies that create the trinity of Digital Home. It will surely be an exciting series of sessions.

Marco A. Romero
Global Head Product Marketing M2M Sustainability · Telefónica Digital

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