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Vehicle connectivity is becoming a desired feature

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Connected Car

The Connected Car 13 has given us the opportunity to meet some of the key actors of the automotive industry, from analysts from the most prestigious companies to leaders of some of the main car brands, such as Fiat, Kia, Audi and Ford. From a private roundtable we could extract some conclusions about the road this industry is taking:

  • More localization is needed to tailor connected car services vs. a mass global approach.
  • Payment flexibility is critical to support the emerging business models.
  • The car will never be a smartphone, so “don’t force it”.
  • A vehicle integrated service is the desired service experience as opposed to smartphones which distract drivers from focusing on the main task of driving.
  • Similar to handsets, upgradable / switchable vehicle head units are on the horizon.
  • Societal changes (urbanization, unique severe economic downturn, digital generation) are demanding new business models in the industry.
  • Vehicle connectivity is becoming a desired feature, very much similar to the “type of engine”.

Furthermore, Telefónica Digital launched the Connected Car Report 2013, a deep analysis about the industry with the collaboration of Machina Research, and a lot of interesting articles have been published due to the occasion. Here’s our selection:


You can download the Connected Car Report 2013 in English, Spanish and German.

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