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M2M provides a safer environment

Thursday, 11 July 2013

M2M safer

When we talk about connectivity we tend to relate it with saving, efficiency or sustainability. However, security is another term which is very much associated with M2M but not as clearly. At work, at home, on the road or in an industrial complex, almost all machine-to-machine solutions provide a safer environment.

Each connected asset now gives information that would have been lost had it not been for M2M. For instance, any danger can be detected faster and, what’s more, this connectivity allows us to act remotely in situations and not depend on the physical presence of someone.

Your own home is a good example of how M2M can improve safety in several ways. On the one hand, security systems are widely based on this technology. Connected sensors and cameras are able to detect what is happening at home and keep the owner informed through his or her smartphone. 

On the other hand, there are other machine-to-machine systems whose main focus are not security but nevertheless they provide it. We are talking about all connected devices that can be controlled remotely and allow the owner to know when something extraordinary is happening. For instance, it is possible to turn off the electricity in some areas of the house if necessary. Not sure if the oven was left on? No problem, check it and turn it off.

The car is maybe more than likely the most evident place where M2M provides very valuable security features. From Ecall to solutions like this one, that avoids crashes, there is a wide variety of advances that will certainly save lives in the future. Nevertheless, implementing the most advanced security features to our vehicles will neither be cheap nor fast.

The workplace is probably the second place where you spend most of your time (after your home), or maybe even the first one. Especially if you work in an industry complex, you can avoid a lot of accidents by controlling the machines or the location of the employees telematically. Nevertheless, an office is also a safer environment thanks to M2M with solutions similar to those explained before at home or others such as advanced fire detections systems.

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