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How to never lose your kids

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

M2M Kids

To be forgotten in a mall. To be left alone at home. To be lost in a park. Such nightmares for both children and parents alike can be easily overcome with M2M technology, which allows to locate them wherever they are.

There are a lot of GPS based solutions which allow you to monitor the movement of children through a computer or a smartphone. The child only has to carry a small device that will keep the parents informed on his or her whereabouts.

Some of these solutions can be set up to alert parents when their children move out of their sight or when they are approaching some places which are considered to be dangerous for children. For instance, imagine that you live in a house on a cliff; you could program an alarm in case your kid wanders off.

Children tracking is probably the first and most common use of M2M technology to protect kids, but there is a huge variety of solutions based on the Internet of Things which apply to children. TOMY has launched a connected car seat for kids which sends alerts to the parents’ mobile whenever the seat is not well fixed or if it’s in a bad position.

Beyond security, M2M also offers entertainment applications to kids. There are a great variety of toys which have connectivity as one of their main features, from video games, to teddy bears.

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