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How does Telefónica’s Global M2M Module Certification Programme work?

Tuesday, 05 November 2013


Last week’s launch of Telefónica’s Certification Programme of M2M modules represents a great step forward for both Telefónica and the clients of our machine-to-machine solutions.  

What does Telefónica’s certification imply? The first step is to be eligible for the Programme; Telefonica only starts the process with high quality M2M modules that are already  GCF/ PTCRB certified. Then, we work alongside the manufacturers with the aim of guaranteeing a good performance of their products. We carry out tests in laboratories, in-field tests, using real communications networks, and we check that they work with all our Global M2M features, from the SIM Card to the Subscription SWAP. It is not just another module certification Programme, we are focus on what really matters for M2M scenarios.

The manufacturer is involved along all the process and they use the test results to enhance their modules and deliver better products to the market. The whole process takes just a few weeks.

Telefónica has already certified modules for three of the major manufacturers: Sierra Wireless, Telit and u-blox. We are now negotiating the certification of the modules of other major companies of the sector in order to cover most of M2M module market.

This certification makes it easier and faster for Telefónica to use the modules of these companies given that we have already verified their performance in our Global M2M solutions.

For our clients this means that they don’t have to worry about connectivity issues and they will speed up the device on boarding in Telefónica Global M2M projects. Their businesses are not about M2M, so we need to support them with good and reliable machine-to-machine solutions. This is now what we offer thanks to the certification programme. We are aware of the complexity of deploying M2M solutions and we have set up tools to help our customers to deliver all the know-how of machine-to-machine technology to them in order to assure that their M2M solutions are working properly.

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Marilo Vaecillo
Mariló Vallecillo
Product Manager at Telefónica Digital - Global M2M Services

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