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Digital Signage & M2M: Rich message at the right time and place

Thursday, 09 January 2014

Digital Signage & M2M: Rich message at the right time and place

M2M technology already began revolutionizing the world of advertising. Nowadays, billboards and urban street signs, information screens, shop windows, posters and kinds of digital signage can provide updated information to suit not only the time and place but even the characteristics and interests of passers-by.

The number of campaigns taking advantage of new technologies to achieve greater recall is increasing every day. A very recent example from British Airways, Loop Up, presented a poster site in Piccadilly Circus that reacted by changing its contents every time one of the airline’s aircraft flew overhead: a child would look up and follow the plane across the sky, with an on-screen indication of the flight number and destination.

The integration of M2M technology into digital signage is still in its infancy, but it is forecast to have a significant impact on how companies address their target audiences, thus facilitating the much sought-after ‘targeting’ and the possibility of presenting ever more customized information, promotions and services.

Digital signage with M2M currently allows the retail, leisure, food-service, transport or finance industries to update multiple informative screens in real time and remotely, thus immediately displaying every new launch.

M2M technology enables instructions to be pre-established so that certain contents can be displayed at particular times or dates, or for the images displayed to respond to certain external triggers. For example, messages can be adjusted according to the location, time of day, season and potential audience, as well as the demographic characteristics of the clients.

Automatic remote updates means that the time and resources needed in the past to update traditional media can be reduced. Without the need to go in person to each site, the information displayed is guaranteed to be the most up-to-date and relevant for passers-by, also avoiding the presentation of inconsistent messages or promotions no longer in force.

To keep you in front of your audience

Digital Signage can take on any shape, from a huge video wall, such as those used in many airports, to accessories placed in the ceiling, information kiosks or different-sized LCD screens built-to-order for specific sites. Thanks to M2M’s wireless capability, they are very easy to install and set up, and they can be located practically anywhere.

The possibility of showing interactive visual content is the key to attracting the attention of an ever more blasé audience that is however grateful for useful information, such as practical tips, and can still be seduced by curious initiatives such as this video wall billboard at a shopping mall.

In this sense, Digital Signage solutions with M2M are very useful for promoting in‑store discounts. They enable customers to be entertained at the same time as they become familiar with new products. This improves their overall experience with the brand by adding a playful and educational component.

In 2013, Amscreen deployed a digital signage platform with M2M that also exploited face-recognition technology. Rolled out to a network of service stations in the United Kingdom, it enables advertisers to view details of the people seeing their ads: gender, age, date, time and volume of spectators, so as to measure campaigns better and make the content more relevant.

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