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A look back to M2M at Mobile World Congress 2013 A look back to M2M at Mobile World Congress 2013

Date added: 03/01/2013
Date modified: 03/22/2013
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You were not able to assist to Mobile World Congress 2013? Don’t worry, we were there to bring you all the news around M2M technology at the event. We saw how it can be useful in developing countries, what is the status of connected cars, which were the prizewinner innovations and which is the situation of the business that the Internet of Things make possible. We were also able to catch some M2M interesting innovations, which we recorded in a series of short videos.

A green city is a smarter city A green city is a smarter city

Date added: 05/28/2013
Date modified: 05/28/2013
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Europe 2020 will foster some of the smartest and most sustainable cities in the world. The sustainable growth of urban areas will be possible greatly due to smart urban technologies which will strengthen the continent from its financial crisis.

A fully connected Latin America A fully connected Latin America

Date added: 02/08/2013
Date modified: 03/22/2013
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During the past two decades, mobile networks have spread across Latin America. Covering more than 90% of Latin America’s population, these networks have become one of the largest and most significant platforms in history, and are now bringing wireless connectivity to new devices, machines and vehicles, quickly effecting social and economic benefits.

A big year for M2M events A big year for M2M events

Date added: 01/04/2013
Date modified: 03/22/2013
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Many industry experts and players agree that 2013 will be a big year for M2M, so it is expected that machine to machine events will thrive in the industrial and economic panorama. Some of the essential ones will take place during the next few weeks (you can be updated in our m2m events section).

90% of new cars will be connected by 2020 90% of new cars will be connected by 2020

Date added: 06/24/2013
Date modified: 06/24/2013
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“The Connected Car is one of the most exciting innovations we have seen in over a century of automotive development” writes Carlos Morales, M2M Director, Telefónica Digital, in the Connected Car Report 2013. It will open “incredible opportunities for the consumer, the automotive industry and the mobile industry alike”. The event Connected Car 13, that starts tomorrow in Amsterdam, will be a great occasion to discover what is happening in the sector.