Managed Connectivity

Intelligent connectivity for efficient M2M connections

Managed Connectivity allows the automation of the communication process between machines anytime,

anywhere, thus achieving a significant improvement in productivity. It provides real time information about

the status of the communications, notably reducing costs if problems are detected.

An integrated m2m prototyping solution in favor of efficiency

Telefónica’s GSM Shield for Arduino, is the solution to easily integrate the open-source electronics prototyping

platform offered by Arduino and the managed connectivity offered by Telefónica. An end-to-end service with a

pre-payment model that allows anyone developing M2M solutions to focus on the design and features rather than

on the technical details (HW, SW or Connectivity).

This is the GSM Shield. Click to see the complete m2m prototyping solution of Telefonica See our solution
Integrated Solution
From Bluevia´s website it´s possible to order your GSM Shield, activate the SIM and manage connectivity. API´S available at Bluevia´s website are valid for any platform and allow easy interaction with Telefonica´s systems and develop the m2m solution needed.
Global Availability
The m2m SIM card of Telefónica is global and adaptable. This service is available in all Telefónica’s footprint countries (i.e. EU, USA and most of Latin America countries. We currently offer coverage in the following countries (see bluevia)
Community and support
Bluevia´s website gives access to any API and knowledge is exchanged in order to build Applications more efficiently.

In addition, Bluevia provides online support, code examples and access to forums where developers share experiences. So there’s no need to reinvent the wheel as you can reuse the code already developed by the Community.
The pre-payment service is important while investigating and testing the m2m App solution so costs are always under control. With Bluevia, it´s possible to manage and control Telefónica´s GSM Shield for Arduino prototype and its management remotely.

Managed connectivity powered by Jasper

Jasper is the most prestigious communications management platform in the world. It enables total visibility of

M2M connections. It is a management and control solution that reduces time to market in a quick and profitable way.





This solution offers rigorous real time diagnosis of your m2m connections, which allows to react to any setback,

thus significantly reducing costs.


End-To-End Solution

An integrated service that includes everything needed to develop an m2m solution: hardware, communications, control, adapted payment model and support.

Easy Adaptation

The GSM Shield of Telefónica has been developed together with Arduino. This shield’s libraries are mostly based on the Arduino Ethernet Shield, which is the best-known shield by the Arduino Community. So changing or adapting already developed applications from the Ethernet shield to GSM shield is really easy.

Remote Management

With this solution, you can manage your Arduino remotely from Bluevia´s website, the developers community of Telefónica, independently of Arduino´s location.

Easy Interaction

It´s very easy to interact with Telefonica´s corporate systems thanks to public and open to any platform API available at Bluevia´s website.


The service includes a Telefónica m2m SIM card when buying the GSM shield, allowing extensive geographical availability (i.e. EU, USA and most of Latin America countries) and high reliability.

Enhanced Features

With the GSM Shield of Telefónica, Arduino can manage simultaneously communications and other tasks. This results on an increase of efficiency and reduces response times.


Experience the advantages of having everything needed in a nutshell
Experience ARDUINO GSM SHIELD of Telefónica



Smart m2m: the holistic managed connectivity solution

Smart m2m is a managed connectivity solution that allows fulfilling the needs of any type of business by offering

control and management of M2M lines and connectivity in real time and remotely from any part of the world.

A web-based platform that provides visualization, monitoring and control through tools that are easy to handle

and to integrate in the clients’ systems. The platform has been developed by Telefónica leveraging its

experience on M2M technology and customers’ needs in this field.


Real time monitoring of traffic and monetary consumption (in client' s preferred currency).


Smart m2m controls the exact position of all the devices in real time.

Adapted to particular needs

The Smart M2M Solution leverages Telefónica local operations to offer customers a service adapted to their local needs, such as regulation, if necessary.




  • Easy
  • Flexible
  • Predictable
  • Profound Knowledge


The solution is easy to test, configure and use, thanks to an intuitive interface that is accessible anytime. One single point of contact, within the project management office, simplifies the integration of the tool in any company’s systems.


Adaptable to distinct production processes of any business type (industry, logistics, production processes), no matter where they are located. All this, with pricing models adapted to the type of use.


The tool provides its clients control about connectivity (activation, deactivation, assignment of specific conditions to the lines) and the associated costs with real time information. This avoids cost explosions and helps to predict possible incidents.


Thanks to the compilation of useful information about traffic and consumption, the processing and the analysis of the data, it’s possible to take decisions more quickly and to anticipate problems.

Value proposition



  • Reliable, Secure and Global Connectivity and Operability
    • Connectivity everywhere in the world is assured by m2m SIM that is especially adapted to any environmental condition. Service is guaranteed by the high availability of the communication networks elements. Furthermore, access by third parties is prohibited by the encryption of transmitted information.
  • Easy and Total Manangement and Control
    • Easy to handle tools (web interface or program interface permitting the integration with other systems) allow total control over the M2M lines and provide:
      • Administrative control and management with the purpose of visualizing all the lines, monitoring traffic consumption, grouping lines with similar characteristics and establishing restrictions.
      • Technical supervision: visualization of connected devices, monitoring the lines’ status, activation and deactivation of lines, notifications for failures, advanced diagnostics of operability and traffic.
      • Localization to know the position of M2M lines.
      • Interface designed with a special focus on usability to provide the best handling experience and with the possibility of creating different user profiles, depending on the specific needs.
      • Reports with information about characteristics and status of M2M lines.
      • Alarms for the consumed data traffic, establishing restrictive alerts combined with the interruption of the lines usage when an established cost limit is reached.
  • Customer Service
    • Smart m2m provides customer service specialized in M2M product and technical support at anytime and anyplace (24/7) as by telephone as through the Internet.
  • Value Added Services
    • The platform improves the knowledge of the business and increases efficiency and profitability through several tools that allow:
      • Collection and analysis of business data
      • Monitoring and control of devices

Differential advantages


  • Monitorization
  • Localization
  • Adapted to particular needs

    Real time monitoring of traffic and monetary consumption (in client’ s preferred currency).

    Smart m2m controls the exact position of all the devices in real time.

    The Smart M2M Solution leverages Telefónica local operations to offer customers a service adapted to their local needs, such as regulation, if necessary.



  • Control
  • Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Reach
  • Flexibility

Full technical and economic control

Our solution allows full control of your connected devices in both of technical and economic aspects to manage effectively all the business process. Telefónica m2m offers you a highly reliable connectivity with all sorts of real time feedback.

Depth intelligence response

Highly reliable connectivity with all sorts of real time information gives you the depth intelligence to respond in real time to market condition and customers. The control center allows analysis of usage and costs of each device, in order to streamline operations.

Powerful automation capabilities

The control center delivers a powerful automation engine, enabling to scale operations while driving value to the bottom line. Robust self-service tools empower you to optimize the process, responding instantly to specific events.

Global reach with a single SIM

Our solution simplifies the mission of taking your business to a global scale by employing a SIM with worldwide coverage ready to use, minimizing operational efforts and replicating successful models in any geography, in order to accelerate time to market. All the aspects of our solution are global: support, service, pricing, logistics and project management.

Simple use and flexible adaptation

Our Managed Connectivity solution is based in an easy to test and ready to use SIM with a simple API integration, easily configurable to different industries and adaptable to multiple logistics and production processes. The platform can be tailored to any business model by intuitive management tools, with a single support contact and full project management.

Value Proposition


Our Managed Connectivity solution provides the robust tools powered by Jaspers, to streamline operations,

accelerate time to market and optimize the profitability of connected device initiatives, with the high availability

and high reliability of Telefónica’s communication services, which ensures connectivity at any time.



  • Excellence in Communications
  • Customer Networks
  • Global SIM
  • Pricing
  • Control Center
  • Customer Support
  • The Telefónica m2m coverage sits on proprietary and integrated networks in Europe & Latam, strategic alliances in China and Italy and the widest and most competitive roaming agreements.
  • The network architecture is designed and optimized to m2m transaction, an m2m dedicated network with high capacity and availability, flexible and secure.

    Customized, redundant and dedicated Virtual Private Networks assures the best reliability and confidentiality on the connectivity of all your devices and premises. Telefónica offers different options at both levels, tailored to your business needs:

  • Device Network:Static Ips,Dynamic IPs
  • Link with customer server:Internet IPSec,Based on international VPNIP
  • Our solution is based on a single SIM specifically designed to respond to the critical needs of robustness and longevity demanded by the m2m environment.
  • The SIM is global, adaptable to multiple logistic and production processes, for any geography and physical conditions, in full compliance with industry standards.
  • Your solution is always up and running no matter where the device is and what physical condition is facing.

    Telefónica m2m offers flexible pricing structures to suit your business needs. You can choose the most appropriate, taking into account:

  • Geography: Single price, Price per area, Price per country,
  • Traffic nature: Data, Voice, SMS
  • Additional options: Pooling, Prepayment, By group of SIMs, By range of use

    We assure business adapted, simplicity and predictability through two different models of pricing:

  • Tailored:
    • Aimed at large companies with high complexity, in which cases Telefónica analyses in deep the customer business requirements and proposes a specific solution for the customer.
  • By catalogue:
    • Aimed at smaller companies, with more standard business models.

    The sophisticated platform is powered by Jasper Wireless, a privately held company leader in enable platform, applications and design services to m2m and embedded devices markets.


    Using the company’s unique end-to-end solution, you can scale your deployment of connected devices quickly and profitably. This powerful tool offers to you:

  • Empowerment
    • You can take control over your own business processes, tailoring the platform to your specific needs and business models, through intuitive tools to set logistic requirement, define custom commercial terms, or enable distributors and customers.
  • Intelligence
    • You can analyze and control how devices work in field, enabling to respond in real time to market conditions and to customers. Real time data allow examining usage and costs, deliver proactive support, and diagnose and troubleshoot issues.
  • Automation
    • You can set custom actions to trigger, automating business processes and responding instantly to specific events, through features such as traffic consumption control, SIM lifecycle management, and configurable alarms.
  • Telefonica m2m offers a single point of support in the country where our customers have signed the contract, and in local language.
  • The Customer Support has been specifically designed to deal with critical and complex environments, to maximize the reliability and performance solution.
  • Telefónica m2m specialists provide the highest levels of support 24/7, covering all possible issues related to the service: from account set up & SIM provisioning to issues regarding access problems or failures in network elements.

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