Say hello to the Internet of Moving Things

Transport refers to the solutions that make the transportation of goods and people more efficient, safe, sustainable and
cost effective by using communications and digital technologies.
These solutions are known as Internet of the Moving Things


A New Relationship Between Insurance Companies And Customers

Insurance Telematics is a solution for insurance companies to optimize operating costs and reduce fraud. By collecting and analysing customers' driving behaviour, the solution enables insurance companies to offer tailored policies for each driver based on their risks. Furthermore, the product improves security and allows for better roadside assistance through automatic notification in case of accident. This solution has been developed by Telefónica and Masternaut, its telematics systems partner.

Benefits to your business

  • Business Optimization
  • New Business Opportunities
  • Differentiation

Business Optimization

  • Greater risk assessment accuracy
  • Fraud prevention

New Business Opportunities

  • New business opportunities thanks to improved competitiveness
  • Acquisition of new customers


  • Improved experience and loyalty of current customers
  • Value-added services for final customers
  • Security

How does it work?

A device installed in an internal out-of-sight part of the vehicle collects, analyses and transmits the customers’ driving behaviour. The data is analysed in real time and the drivers are rated according to their driving behaviour in order to offer them a tailored insurance policy. This rating is always available to the customer through to a website and a mobile app.



It is a black box with an accelerometer and GPS/GPRS modules that collects and transmits real-time driving data, such as acceleration, distance, type of road, braking, impacts, and vehicle location.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Insurance companies can analyse all the data, which is transformed into a personalised ranking that reflects the drivers’ individual risk in real time and allows the company to create a tailored insurance policy.

Client interface

Client interface

Insurance customers can access all their data and scoring through a website or mobile app provided by the insurance company.

Differential advantages



  • Connectivity leadership
  • New positioning
  • Solid partnerships
  • Robust solution in a changing market thanks to global and high-quality connectivity guaranteed by the most robust mobile networks in 25 countries and roaming agreements in over 65 countries.
  • New capturing opportunities and increased customer loyalty thanks to customer-oriented functionalities.
  • Partnership with market leader Masternaut ensures the best telematics solution.
  • Current collaboration with leading vehicle insurance companies assures deep insight of the insurance market.
  • Customer information gathering and management is one of Telefónica´s core competencies.

Total control of your vehicles

A modular flexible and ready-to-use solution for an intelligent management and control of the vehicle fleet.




With the strength in global connectivity of Telefónica and Masternaut’s expertise in geolocation and fleet management, our solution consists of eight specific modules, adaptable for both transportation and logistics companies and for business in

which vehicle management is key. Designed for efficient fleet management, our solution allows you to optimize your performance, reduce costs and improve productivity, ensuring the safety of employees, vehicles and assets.

Total control of your assets

An easy way to keep track of your most valuable assets.




Locate and trace goods handling based on telematics. The product  gives customers full visibility of trailers and containers 24/7. This information gives the power to manage operations, and always be in total control of the valuable freight.

The installation is simple and secure, it can be carried out by our own experienced installation team or directly by the customer. Extra features like configurable alerts and  out-of-hours monitoring make the product attractive and profitable.

Key selling Messages

  • Trailer Track
  • Asset Track

Trailer Track

  • Accurate visibility of your trailers
  • Optimize trailer utilisation
  • Long-Life, easy fit, portable unit requiring no wiring

Asset Track

  • Real-time visibility of your assets with customized alerts when the asset leaves geofenced area.
  • Long-life, easy fit, portable unit

Benefits to your business

  • Visualization
  • Protection
  • Productivity
  • Sustainability


A complete solution for every need


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Differential advantages


  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Full monitoring
  • Global connectivity
  • Service 24/7
  • Broad range of devices
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Consulting and training
  • Turnkey and customized solutions, modulars and scalables, tailored to the specific needs of the clients.
  • Real-time monitoring and automatic recollection of data, alert management system and call center service.
  • Global and high quality connectivity guaranteed by the most robust mobile networks in 25 countries and roaming agreements in over 650 countries. Technology adaptable to different types of traffic, easily expandable.
  • 24/ 7, centralized and multilingual service, with three levels of care according to the characteristics and needs of the client.
  • Broad range of on-board devices in order to respond to the different requirements of fleet management, thanks to our partnerships with leading manufacturers.
  • Comprehensive and flexible service wherever and whenever your business may require. Highly qualified personnel for installation and maintenance.
  • Optional consulting process services in order to provide the perfect solution. Specialized training for maximum performance.