Utilities and Sustainability

Efficiency and reliability for utilities supply

The development of a Smart Grid to guarantee energy efficiency,

demand response and the system sustainability. Solutions for dynamic and intelligent

management of energy, water and gas services supply.



  • Smart Metering

  • Smart Home & Office

  • Smart Building

  • Electric Vehicle

  • Smart Grid & Smart Cities

The starting point of the Smart Grid is the Smart Metering, a complete, flexible and cost-effective end-to-end solution for the efficient remote monitoring, reading and billing.

The optimization of the energy distribution is a key goal of the Smart Grid. Advanced solutions enable customers to view and control their consumption in home and offices. .

Remote, efficient and centralized management of all the sensors and building maintenance systems, in order to optimize the energy consumption and the utilities supply.

An intelligent network of charging points allows not only the efficient energy management, but also provides relevant business information for utilities Smart Grid.

The dynamic and intelligent management of the entire Utilities grid aims to guarantee the system sustainability, by the data consolidation and the optimization of each point of the value chain.

Smart Home & Office


High performance and comfort for the energy distribution management,

enabling customers to view and control their consumption





Our Approach




Our Smart Home & Office services respond to a new intelligent energy distribution model, through the automatic connection between providers and users, for the tracking, analysis and optimization of the consumption.


Telefonica M2M offers end-to-end solutions focused on the efficient energy management, allowing customers real-time tracking and control of their consumption. This way costs are rationalized and customer experience and satisfaction are improved.

  • Efficient energy consumption management.
  • Cost reduction by better insight into consumption.
  • Data storage for comparison.
  • Remote actuators over appliances.
  • Higher level of performance, comfort and convenience.
  • Environmental impact reduction.

Smart Metering


The efficient remote consumption reading and billing in order to empower

the reliable and high-efficiency utilities supply



Smart Metering


Our Approach




Smart metering is the starting point for the development of the Smart Grid.

Telefónica M2M offers a complete, flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution to support utilities roll-out, managing demand peaks and reducing the churn rate.

  • Efficient remote consumption reading & billing.
  • Remote monitoring of the distribution network and enables.
  • Better demand response, adjusting pricing to real-time demand.
  • More efficient and informed planning of distribution assets.
  • More efficient grid usage.
  • Faster and more reliable outage detection.
  • Cover regulatory issues.
  • Energy savings, CO2 Reduction.

Smart Building


A remote centralized building management to optimize the energy consumption

and to guarantee a sustainable supply



Smart Building


Our Approach




Smart Building solutions try to satisfy management and residents, as well as complying with environmental demands.


These solutions rationalize energy, water and gas costs, thanks to the automation and control, remotely and in real time, of the sensors and infrastructure management systems: lighting, temperatura, security and energy.

  • Remote and centralized building management.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Tracking of consumption pattern.
  • Cost-comfort relationship optimization.
  • Predictive maintenance.

Electric Vehicle


A network of charging points to the efficient energy management

and the more informed demand forecast



Electric Vehicle


Our Approach




Through inteligent recharge posts, the solution for electric vehicle provides Utilities with strategic information about charging level in differents áreas, allowing demand forecasts.


Telefónica M2M implements and supports the infrastructure, delivers real time information about energy charging posts, availability, prices and location.

  • Real time information about charging points and micropayments.
  • More efficient and informed electricity demand forecast.
  • Easier integration of renewable energies.
  • Remote turn-on and turn-off of slow/fast recharge.
  • Enhanced cash-flow management.
  • Capacity to reverse electricity to the grid.

Smart Grid & Smart Cities


The development of an integrated and intelligent grid, to guarantee efficient supply,

effective demand respond and system sustainability.



Smart Grid and Smart Cities


Our Approach




Developing solutions and systems that improve the provisionment of public services, as well as the quality of the cities to live in, work in and enjoy them, that is the goal of Telefónica m2m.


Our Smart grid services optimize the use of the information obtained from sensors and devices, to boost productivity and efficiency in Utilities, and to assure the sustainability of the system.


Information is gathered through the network, integrating each one of the key elements of the value chain: Smart meters, Smart building, Smart home & office and vehicle charging points.

  • Real-time and aggregated view of consumption.
  • Highly reliable end to end connectivity.
  • Real-time business analysis on multiple device data.
  • Better demand and supply management.
  • More flexible and variant tariffs.
  • Real-time outage detection for more efficient management.